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    Miss Ukrainian Diaspora 2014 - Ulyana Fenyn Details

    The Most Beautiful Ukrainian Event

    Miss Ukrainian DIaspora

    Unique and prestigious event in the Ukrainian American community with international media exposure. The show was widely featured in the media, including TV, radio, print, and online, accessible to a large Ukrainian audience worldwide.
    Ukrainian women are arguably the most beautiful in the world and perhaps the most talented. They shine from the stage in Chicago. The event showcases Ukrainian music, dance, language, and art. It is a talent show combined with a concert of the best Ukrainian performers. Miss Ukrainian Diaspora aims to preserve and popularize Ukrainian cultural heritage throughout the world and to support the Ukrainian community of Chicago.
    The most famous singers and musicians arrive from Ukraine to perform at the show. In 2012, Oleksandr Ponomaryov, the Golden Voice of Ukraine, was the guest performer at the event. In 2013, the show featured breathtaking performances by the World Music Award & Eurovision winner, RUSLANA, and world’s famous violin virtuoso, Vasyl Popadiuk. This year, the Ukrainian Queen of Pop Music, Iryna BILYK, will perform at the show and a popular Ukrainian comedian, Michael Schur, will host the event.
    Copernicus Theater is a beautiful concert hall located in the heart of Chicago.
    Unique advertising opportunity in the Ukrainian community. Reach a large audience in one shot. Pre-event and post-event media exposure. Local, national, and global target markets. Learn more

    Unique advertising opportunity in the Ukrainian community. Local, national, and global target markets.

    The 2012 Miss Ukrainian Diaspora Winner:

    Valeria Losiuk, San Diego, CA

    I am a proud Ukrainian striving to promote our Ukrainian heritage here, in the Unites States. I’m fostering our beautiful, rich traditions and culture. I will always remain a Ukrainian no mater where I live. My beloved Motherland Ukraine is always deep in my heart and I encourage all Ukrainians living in the Diaspora to never forget who they are and to be truly very proud of their Ukrainian heritage.

    Valeria Losiuk Miss Ukrainian Diaspora - 2012

    Miss Ukrainian Diaspora 2014 crowned in Chicago Details

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